Events List

October 2020

Interview of Dr. Varun Jeoti

National TV RTV1 broadcasted an interview with prof. Varun Jeoti in the show “From Science to Industry”. You can see it on our channel by clicking here

January 2021

Promo video of Dr. Goran Stojanovic

Prof. Dr. Goran Stojanovic, project coordinator of the STRENTEX project, along with “EU for you” created a promotional video which will be distributed through EU info points. It can be seen here

May 2021

Interview of Dr. Simic with RTRS

Dr. Mitar Simić was interviewed by the Radio Television of Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina and presented the STRENTEX project. The full interview can be accessed here

May 2021

STRENTEX presented at webinar

Coordinator of the STRENTEX project, Prof. Goran Stojanovic, presented it as a success story at the webinar “Fourth component of Horizon Europe – Widening Participation and Strengthening the European Research Area – Practical overview”, organized by the V4+WB Network of Research Managers and Administrators.

July 2021


We have launched our project on Kudos platform. Through there, a wider audience can have access to regular updates about our work and current developments, throughout the lifetime of the project. Our page can be accessed from here

July 2021

Article on EU info point Serbia

EU info point in Serbia published an article about ongoing Horizon2020 projects, coordinated by Prof. Goran Stojanović, including STRENTEX project.

August 2021

Interview with Radio Belgrade 1

STRENTEX project coordinator, Prof. Dr. Goran Stojanovic was invited for an interview with Radio Belgrade 1, where he showcased the project and our recent achievements (in Serbian). It can be accessed here

August 2021

Our project in the e-Textiles Network Newsletter

The STRENTEX project was showcased in the e-Textiles Network newsletter. More info here

August 2021

Embassy of Malaysia official visits STRENTEX

Mr. Khairul Tazril Tarmizi, Chargé d’ Affaires, Minister Counsellor, from the Embassy of Malaysia, visited STRENTEX Lab, where he was introduced to on-going projects. He was very interested in the future collaborations between two countries.

September 2021

Participation in Aquasense project workshop

Four STRENTEX members participated in the Aquasense project workshop and shared their knowledge on flexible electronics and soft skills needed in research. More information, and the event agenda can be accessed here

September 2021

Prof. Stojanovic gives guest lecture at a Thai University

STRENTEX project coordinator, Prof. Dr. Goran Stojanovic was invited to deliver a lecture on Wearable Sensors, by the Prince of Songkla University, Thailand

October 2021

Visit of IGB Automotive to the STRENTEX lab

Nikola Lečić, a representative of IGB Automotive, a company from the sector of the accompanying automotive industry, visited the STRENTEX team. Potential collaboration between the two parties on textile sensor technology was discussed during this visit.

October 2021

Visit of Food Institute of Novi Sad to our team

Dr Milica Pojić from the Food Institute in Novi Sad, visited STRENTEX team and the Laboratory, and discussed possible ways for collaboration.

October 2021

STRENTEX at Danube Region Forum

Our project participated through presentation entitled “The Importance of the Horizon Europe „Widening“ Programme for the Danube Region Countries – The case of the Republic of Serbia”, on the event Facilitating Research & Innovation Cooperation in the Danube Region – Home (, envisaged at the satellite event at the 10th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region – EUSDR – Danube Strategy Point (

November 2021

Our achievements in National Television

The most current STRENTEX achievements were presented by Prof. Stojanovic at the National TV (RTS) morning show “Šarenica”. The full show can be accessed with English captions here

November 2021

STRENTEX promo video

 #EUzaTebe (#EUforYou) visited the team and created a promo video of STRENTEX as part of their “Stories from Serbia” series, which can be found here

December 2021

Presentation at ETIKUM ’21

Oral presentation by Ksenija Stanojevic “Application of SEM and conventional microscopy in the analysis of dental floss wear and break” at the 13th Scientific Conference for Metrology and Quality in Production Engineering and Environmental Protection – ETIKUM’2021, Novi Sad

January 2022

Interview with RTVojvodina radio

Prof. Goran Stojanovic gave an interview for the Serbian regional radio station – RT Vojvodina and the Abacus emission, where he described our work on masks for pulmonary capacity detection. You can access the full interview in Serbian here

January 2022

Visit of national television to the STRENTEX lab

The national Serbian television (RTS) visited the team and documented the latest achievements. The full video can be accessed here

January 2022

Interview of STRENTEX coordinator Goran Stojanovic on Uranak, K1 TV.

The coordinator of the STRENTEX project, prof. Dr. Goran Stojanovic gave an interview about his team’s achievements to date, in the framework of STRENTEX in the Uranak emission of K1 TV. It can be accessed in full with English subtitles here.

January 2022

Prof. Dr. Goran Stojanovic on „Face of the City“

The coordinator of the STRENTEX project, Prof. Goran Stojanovic gave an interview in “Face in the City” TV program about his achievements and projects he has coordinated so far, including STRENTEX. The full broadcast can be found with English subtitles here

January 2022

STRENTEX on daily newspaper

Daily Newspaper „Politika“, with national and regional coverage, published an article about the achievements of the STRENTEX team. The full article can be found on their website in Serbian here

February 2022

Our project on Vojvodjanski Magazin

The STRENTEX team and its achievements were presented in a non-scientific publication, in the monthly regional journal “Vojvodjanski magazin“

February 2022

Provincial television visits STRENTEX

The public TV of the province of Vojvodina (Radio Televizija Vojvodine) visited STRENTEX and documented the team’s recent achievements. The video can be found with English subtitles here.

February 2022

STRENTEX project on Novosti newspaper

Daily newspaper „Novosti“ published an article about the STRENTEX team and recent achievements of the team, along with figures of all members of the team and laboratory work, found here

April 2022

„Meeting with Stakeholders“ lecture series kicks off

The STRENTEX “Meeting with Stakeholders” lecture series started with the first lecture “Graphene-based gas and wearable sensors” given by Dr Marko Spasenović, IHTM, Belgrade

April 2022

Interview of Dr. Sinha with UNDP STEM4ALL

STRENTEX member Dr. Ankita Sinha gave interview for the UNDP STEM4ALL portal: Meet women in STEM who are breaking down barriers, which can be accessed here

May 2022

We are at the 64th International Technical Fair in Belgrade

STRENTEX project exhibited product demonstrators at the 64th International Technical Fair in Belgrade

June 2022

STRENTEX on the institutional magazine

In the institutional magazine “FTN Novine” (“FTN News”), a popular article about the STRENTEX team and its achievement was published. The article in Serbian language can be seen here

June 2022

Visit us at Embedded World 2022

The STRENTEX team travelled to Nurnberg, Germany where we exhibited our products, demonstrators, and talked to potential collaborators and stakeholders at the Embedded World 2022.

June 2022

STRENTEX at the Info Day of FTS

Members of the STRENTEX project team participated on the Info Day of the study program “Microcomputer Electronics” at the Faculty of Technical Sciences (FTS), University of Novi Sad.

June 2022

We presented our project to biomedical engineering students

Members of the STRENTEX team presented recent achievements of the project to students of the Biomedical engineering study programme at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad.

August 2022

Ms. Zafar selected as panelist in Montenegro

Ms. Hima Zafar, an early-stage researcher and member of the STRENTEX team, was selected as a panelist for the „young researchers“ session at the 1st Summer School on Telemedicine Care: Facilitators and Barriers

August 2022

Our project in the „Smart Textiles and Wearables Newsletter“

The Strentex Project is highlighted in the “Smart Textiles and Wearables Newsletter” alongside with notable Institutes working on E-Textiles such as MIT, UNSW, and others. This article features a spotlight on the innovative activities undertaken by Ms. Zafar, who is a member of the STRENTEX research team.

October 2022

Prof. Dr. Goran Stojanovic on „From Science to Industry“

Interview of Prof. Stojanovic on „From Science to Industry“, where he discussed about his recent research efforts and projects, alongside members of the STRENTEX team. It can be found with English subtitles here

October 2022

STRENTEX project coordinator addresses EEN

Prof. Goran Stojanovic, coordinator of the STRENTEX project delivered a talk about the inventions created within the project, to the representatives of regional Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia

October 2022

STRENTEX joins OE-A meeting in Tampere, Finland

Adrian Stavrakis and Mitar Simic participated in OE-A Meeting Europe which was hosted by Tampere University.
OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association) is the leading international industry association for the emerging technology of flexible, organic and printed electronics

November 2022

Interview for „Scientific Compass“

The STRENTEX project team, led by Prof. Goran Stojanovic, made a guest appearance in the short scientific television series called „Scientific compass“ („Naucni kompas“, RTS 2, national television of the Republic of Serbia) in the episode dedicated to Green electronics. It can be accessed with English subtitles here

November 2022

Watch our Promotional Video

The STRENTEX project published short promotional video covering the first half of the project span. Watch it here

November 2022

Interview for Brainz TV

Scientific interest channel Brainz TV recorded an interview with STRENTEX team members
and reported about the results of the project. It can be seen here

November 2022

Dr. Simic in an online International Open Innovation Program event

Dr Mitar Simić participated on the online event „MATCHER Human Centric Innovation 2022“ in the scope of the third edition of the International Open Innovation Program. It was a great opportunity to present STRENTEX project and to meet representatives of companies and start-ups from India, Italy and Spain.

December 2022

Prof. Dr. Goran Stojanovic delivers talk

Prof. Goran Stojanovic delivered a talk entitled, „Inventions in the field of textile and edible electronics and their applications in biomedicine“, in the framework of the event “Scientific activities and technology transfer in the field of medicine, biomedicine and new materials as an innovative and economic potential of the Republic of Serbia”.

December 2022

Our project at the 2nd Butterfly Innovation & Business Forum

STRENTEX Project team members Mitar Simić and Ivana Knežević had the opportunity to participate in the 2nd Butterfly Innovation & Business Forum, in Sarajevo, 6-7 December. Mitar Simić was the panelist representing Prof. Goran Stojanovic talking about why businesses should partner with higher education institutions.

December 2022

Prof. Dr Goran Stojanović delivers talk at ICIBEL ’22

Prof. Dr Goran Stojanović (coordinator of the STRENTEX project) delivered a plenary talk at the 4th International Conference for Innovation in Biomedical Engineering and Life Sciences held in hybrid format, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia + online

December 2022

Prof. Dr Goran Stojanović delivers talk at webinar

Prof. Goran Stojanovic, the coordinator of the STRENTEX project, gave a speech at the webinar: “Smart Textiles for industrial application” organized in the framework of the following initiative devoted to the European Smart Textiles Innovation Community.  

December 2022

Project coordinator interview

Prof. Dr. Goran Stojanovic, STRENTEX project coordinator had an interview hosted by It can be accessed here

December 2022

2nd „Meeting with Stakeholders“ lecture

The STRENTEX “Meeting with Stakeholders” lecture series continued with the second lecture “Physico-chemical methods for modification of lignocellulosic fibers in order to improve their electro-physical properties” given by Dr Aleksandra M. Ivanovska, Innovation center, TMF, University of Belgrade

February 2023

STRENTEX joins OE-A Meeting Munich

Following the very interesting take-aways from the OE-A meeting in Tampere, Finland in October ’22, our team members Dr. Mitar Simic and Adrian Stavrakis also joined the OE-A meeting in Munich, Germany.
During a full day, they got to hear various opinions and strategies on numerous topics such as green electronics and strategies for tackling employee shortages. All of this was coupled with an excellent networking dinner at the end of the day.