The esteemed STRENTEX research team recently participated in the citizen science event “GENIUS” (Genetic and Environmental Influences on Psychological Adaptation of Children and Adults) organized by Dr Snezana Smederevac, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad under Program IDEAS, Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia on 11th June 2023. This event aimed to foster a citizen science approach, encouraging the involvement of diverse stakeholders beyond academia.

GENIUS, building upon the groundwork laid by the first twin study in Serbia, focuses on unraveling the mechanisms that shape human behavior and adaptation styles. Notably, the project introduces epigenetic research and includes children and adolescents, making it the first national full life-span behavioral genetics research initiative of its kind. .

As we eagerly anticipate the findings of the GENIUS project, it is evident that the combined efforts of the STRENTEX team and the diverse stakeholders involved will significantly contribute to our knowledge of psychological adaptation. This groundbreaking research holds immense potential in shaping the development of strategies for promoting desirable upbringing patterns and tailored medical and psychological guidelines. The team’s active participation in this event marks a significant milestone in advancing scientific culture and promoting inclusivity in psychological research.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting venture!

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