STRENTEX project organized the workshop: “Possibilities for commercialization of textile electronic devices”. The workshop was held in on November 23rd in Rectorate Building, Dr. Zorana Djindjica 1, Novi Sad.

It was an honor to host six invited speaker who delivered a talk:
1. Prof. Dr. Vladan Koncar, GEMTEX lab, ENSAIT school, University of Lille, France: “Medical textiles for électrocardiographic imaging” (online)
2. Prof. William O’Gorman, PhD, SETU, Ireland: “Weaving a New Pattern of Integrated Technologies” (online)
3. Malte von Krshiwoblozki, Fraunhofer IZM Texlab, Berlin, Germany: “Interconnections in smart textile” (online)
4. Mili John Tharakan, Smart Textile Alliance, London, England, United Kingdom: “Rocky path to commercialization and the need for standards in the Smart Textiles industry”
5. Dr Vesna Rašković, FTS-UNS, Novi Sad, Serbia: “From science to business”
6. Srividya Kalyanaraman, journalist/researcher: “Communicating science and innovation”.

We thank all the participants of the workshop and hope we will have a chance to meet them all again.

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